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Business Email Solution
Access your Mailbox from Everywhere, on
Web, Mobile, Tablet, Laptop…

TLS & SSL Encryption Enabled for Secured
Mail Data Communication


Smart SMTP - Worry Free to Roam in the World
Hosted Exchange 2013
  • Up to 100GB Mailbox
  • Transport Rule
  • Journaling
  • Company Disclaimer
Email Hosting
  • Up to 20GB Mailbox
  • Mainland China Access
  • Email Monitoring
  • Advanced Antispam

Mix & Match Application Stacks
to Build Your Environment
Pay-As-You-Go PaaS Platform

PHP, Ruby, Python, Java, Node.js Deploy
in Seconds

1-Click Setup Loading Balancing and
Web Server Session Replication

Docker is Now Available
at PacHosting Jelastic Cloud
Docker - An open platform for
distributed applications for developers
and sysadmins.

Learn More on Jelastic Cloud
Introducing Bare Metal on
the Cloud
Hosted at Fully Fault-Tolerant Tier 3+ Data Centers

Dell™ PowerEdge™ Xeon® Server

Highly Scalable Cloud Block Storage

Build 1-20 Virtual Machines for Multi-tier
Xeon® Server Node
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