Private VLAN

Setup Private VLAN with isolated ports on PacHosting environment for fast and secure server-to-server communication. By default 30 usable private IP addresses assigned to get you started experiencing the true flexibility and security in hybrid infrastructure.

Private VLAN

Connect virtual machines with private IPs under dedicated VLAN to setup private communication among servers.

Private VLAN Use Cases Flexible IaaS and network components to build for your infrastructure compliance from isolating secured backend system to
enterprise scale ecosystem.

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Build Private IP Networking between Hosted Servers

Create public facing and private facing Virtual Machines to isolate database and other sensitive application servers from public network vulnerabilities.

Required IaaS Components:

Connect Hosted Dedicated Servers to Public Cloud

Design for high demand workloads running on Dedicated Server requires private communication with public cloud virtual machines.

Connect Virtual Machines and Hosted Dedicated Servers via Private VLAN at PacHosting data center for a faster server communication within the private network.

Required IaaS Components:

Setup Private Connection between Data Centers

Setup offsite Disaster Recovery infrastructure
and connect via Private VLAN

Required IaaS Components:

Secured Client-to-Network Connection to Hosted Servers

Ideal for POS, ERP, Intranet and other applications and services required extra security to restrict external access under isolated network environment.

Apply IPsec to form a secured connection from
your site to privately networked Virtual Machines
and Dedicated Servers at PacHosting Data Centers.

Required IaaS Components:

Connect On Premise Infrastructure to Public Cloud

Use Dedicated Line for improved performance, stability and privacy over connection through IPsec Tunnel.

Connect through leased line to ensure direct,
secure, private and fast connection between
services on-site and PacHosting data centers

Required IaaS Components: