Metro Ethernet

PacHosting allows network providers to setup Metro Ethernet, which provides efficient and reliable data transmission through Point-to-Point or Point-to-Multipoint solution with private network communication.
Uninterrupted communication and network are vital for mission critical business. Rely on dedicated line from network provider to ensure network capacity and performance across to your branch offices in different location.
  • High Flexibility and Scalability

    Flexible Support for Future Growth and Highly Scalable to upgrade bandwidth as business expands.

  • Low Latency

    Achieve high-performance network to mitigate delays issue by fiber-optic communication.

  • Enterprise-level Security

    High-level security through dedicated line with private network communication.


Achieve high-performance network with low latency, enabling a private network for your business. Worry-free for network technical setup as PacHosting is responsible for lease line setup and network maintenance.


Enable to facilitate a fast and reliable network between Branches and PacHosting with private network communication, which provides you more secure and faster connection when communicating with your branches, headquarters and partners.

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