IPsec & SSL Secure Tunnel

Attain high degree of network security by IPsec Tunnel & SSL Secure Tunnel to set up a private connection between client site and public network. Both IPsec and SSL can provide enterprise-level secure remote access by encrypting data flowing.

IPsec connects hosts to entire private networks, which is for site-to-site connections, such as connecting remote sites to the core network. It provides a permanent connection at the network layer.

SSL Secure Tunnel connects users-to-services and users-to-applications inside networks and provided remote access through a browser-based session using SSL
  • IPsec Secure Tunnel

    IPsec Secure Tunnel

    IPsec for secured network-to-network private connection via software or hardware security gateways.

    Starting at HK$800/Month

  • SSL Secure Tunnel

    SSL Secure Tunnel

    SSL Secure Tunnel for encrypted client-to-network access.


Use Cases of Connecting
On Premise Service to PacHosting Cloud

IPsec Secure Tunnel

IPsec Tunnel assigns traffic access the back-end servers via a tunnel that between gateways. Data will be encrypted through the tunnel.

eCommerce Application and Database Servers

Setup IPsec secured connection to keep online transaction and client information between on premise back-end servers and web servers at PacHosting data centers to process sensitive data workloads at client site to comply with specific network security policies.

SSL Secure Tunnel

SSL Secure Tunnel encrypts data and generate a private IP to communicate with servers.

Internal Access Management

SSL Secure Tunnel allows encrypted users access through security gateway to destination server inside the private network through web browsers. For instance, access internal network file directories, databases, mail applications and other common business applications.