Dedicated Firewall

FotiGate 60D Firewall

Configure and Deploy Network Security Faster with
Real-time Network Activity Monitoring All-in-one security appliances with complete, granular policy control for advanced threat protection includes:

  • Firewall
  • Application Control
  • IPS (Intrusion Protection System)
  • IPsec
  • SSL Private Network Tunnel
  • Web Filtering

FortiOS Firewall Management UI Delivers
Industry-Leading Security Capabilities

  • Comprehensive Security

    Control thousands of applications and stop more threats with NSS Labs Recommended IPS, sandboxing, VB100 certified antimalware and more.

  • Superior Control and Visibility

    Stay in control with rich visibility over network traffic, granular policy control, and intuitive, scalable security and network management.

  • Robust Networking Capabilities

    Optimize your network with extensive switching and routing, high availability, WAN optimization, and a range of virtual options.

Identity-Centric Enforcement

Supports both local and remote authentication services such as LDAP, Radius and TACACS+ to identify users and apply access policies and security profiles accordingly. Intelligently apply policies and profiles without additional user input by the ability to capture terminal service user or wireless login credentials.

Sophisticated Application Control

Identifying applications and providing relevant enforcement is essential in the current cloud environment. Over 3,000 applications can be identified on Management UI, even those on encrypted channels to secure network environment under gradual control. It also offers mitigation against sophisticated botnet activities.

Advanced Intrusion Protection

Next Generation IPS technology from Fortinet protects networks from evasive and advanced attacks at the application layer. Intrusion Prevention Service, with a database of more than 4000 known threats, updates customers with up-to-date defenses against stealthy network-level threats.