Hosted Private Cloud

60 Minutes Deployment for Privately Owned Environment

Expedite Time to Market
60 mins
Ready to Migrate in 60 Minutes on
selected configurations.
Dedicated Privacy
Privately Owned Hardware and Storage to
comply with security policies.

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Efficient Budgeting
Fixed Fee on Hosted Private Cloud,
save you from surprise maintenance bills.

4 Ways Your Business can Benefit from a Private Cloud PacHosting single-tenant hosted Private Cloud has pre-installed a hypervisor on it, which allows you to deploy multiple operation systems to run con-currently on the server and create your own multi-tier virtualized environment with full control over resources on a dedicated server.

Start with Single Server Virtualization and
Scale to Multi-Node Architecture

Select Server Model:
Hypervisor Node
Cloud Storage
IP Addresses
Provision Time
12-Month Prepayment
1-Month Prepayment
* Approximately 10% of Physical RAM will be assigned to hypervisor operation.

Extra Setup Based on Below Add-on Components

Additional Resources

Additional 16GB RAM +HK$180/Month
Additional 50GB SSD Storage +HK$100/Month
Additional 50GB Backup Storage +HK$20/Month
Additional 1 IP Adderss +HK$30/Month

Private Network

Dedicated Firewall +HK$1,000/Month
VLAN +HK$300/Month
(HK$500 initial setup fee shall be waived with 12-month pre-payment)

Private Cloud Features

Ultra-Fast Multiple Uplinks by
Worldwide Tier 1 Upstream Providers

  • 12Gbps International Bandwidth
  • 3Gbps Mainland China Bandwidth
  • 20Gbps Hong Kong Local Bandwidth

Managed Infrastructure &
Hypervisor Layer

  • 99.95% Uptime Guarantee
  • 24 Hours Monitoring
  • Free Hardware Replacement