Drive Multiple Cloud Servers with One Service Plan

Assembly Your Own Multi-Tier Architecture On CloudNet, you are embracing high flexibility, instant scalability and wide possibility to build the optimum virtual server environment with deploying private security network or load balancing system.

Flexible Infrastructure Components

Create custom instance sizes under SSD to target I/O intensive workloads runs on optimized global connectivity. Private networking available in IPsec, SSL Secure Tunnel and Private VLAN for advanced network requirements.

Simple Dashboard for Centralized Service Management

Manage all your services under the Cloud Panel dashboard to check server usage, scale up compute and disk resources, view and pay invoice, one-click reboot, rebuild virtual machines, and manage firewall rules at VM level.

  • CloudNet

    • 10 vCPU
    • 20GB RAM
    • 400GB SSD Storage
    • 2 IP Addresses
    • 10 VM
  • CloudNet

    • 20 vCPU
    • 40GB RAM
    • 800GB SSD Storage
    • 5 IP Addresses
    • 20 VM
  • CloudNet

    • 30 vCPU
    • 60GB RAM
    • 1200GB SSD Storage
    • 10 IP Addresses
    • 30 VM

CloudNet Application

Multitier Architecture

Distribute tasks across interoperable VMs to optimize compute at application level and setup private network for enhanced backend security.

Replication (Redundancy)

Replicate and synchronize database to one or more locations to ensure data protection and continuous data availability.

Load Balancing

Share the load of website across multiple servers to deliver higher availability. Add extra server to meet growing demand anytime.

Above service plans are for new customers only. Existing customers may contact our Customer Service Department at (852) 3143-2688 or for further information.