Standard Backup Service

Backup is essential to any data, which can be managed by keeping local copies, free or commercial backup software, and operating system backup tools for your files, databases, applications, and entire servers.

Standard Backup services are available for Cloud Web Hosting, Public Cloud and Private Cloud solutions

Website Backup
Backup Website Files and Databases at HK$20/5GB/Month

  • Add-on service for Linux and Windows Cloud Web Hosting
  • Manage website and database backup at Customer Control Panel.
  • Run backup for specific file directory and database.
  • Support multiple backup copies for versioning.
  • View activity of backup progress.

Cloud Servers & Private Cloud
Image Backup and Restore Tools at System Level

  • Built-in backup feature for Cloud Servers and Private Cloud.
  • Manage server image backup at Cloud Panel
  • Complete disk level image backup for entire system restore to protect against OS corruptions and software failures
  • Perform backups manually, automatically and on schedule (by Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly)
  • Specific backup storage size may be included on certain plans, refer to plan details under each service.