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Email Hosting

Full-featured Email Hosting package offers standard email solution, as well as premium business features, which provides a combination of flexible functions to meet the evolving needs of enterprises at various level.

Email Hosting service comes with 20GB extra-large mailbox with integrated Webmail interface as standard features to bring an integrated user experience to clients. The Business Premium Mailbox add-on service includes mobile devices ActiveSync, and synchronization functions for mobile devices and Outlook®, to offer executive level features for an improved collaboration and productivity.

  • 20GB Extra-Large Mailbox

    Support up to 20GB extra-large storage per mailbox and maximum 100MB email message size.

  • Full-Featured Webmail Application

    Full-Featured Webmail integrates with Contacts, Calendar and Tasks on a powerful interface to help users manage personal emails and schedules in an easy way.

     Webmail Interface Demo >

  • SSD Accelerated Caching Enabled

    High speed solid state drive serves as a caching device between mail server clusters and SAN storage to improve server response time.

Business Premium Mailbox

Free Cloud Drive for Business Premium Mailbox Users Up to 20GB

Mobile Device ActiveSync

Mobile Device ActiveSync allows real-time push notification and synchronization on Mail Folders, Calendars, Contacts and Tasks on different mobile devices.

Synchronization on Microsoft® Outlook®

Outlook® Connector synchronizes Mail Folders, Calendars, Contacts and Tasks in Outlook® on Windows and Mac.

Shared Mail Folders, Calendars, Contacts and Tasks

Shared Mail Folders, Calendars, Contacts and Tasks to enhance the internal communication.

Key Features

Optional Add-On Services

Email Monitoring and Backup Add-On Service

Email Monitoring service allows archive all the incoming and outgoing emails to specific mailboxes for monitoring and backup purpose.


Smart EmaiLink Add-On Service

Utilizes IDNS (Intelligent DNS) technology to solve the instability and delay issues and secure the email communication between mainland China and Hong Kong.

Starting at $50/Month/Domain

Advanced Antispam Firewall

Advanced 12 defense layers of spam & virus protection.

Starting at $50/Month/Domain

Cloud Web Hosting

Host both email and website service at the same time with Cloud Web Hosting package.

Starting at $78/Month

Advanced Infrastructure to deliver Fast and Reliable Email Service:

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